Possibly one the most flexible, weatherproof roofing materials on the market today!

Whether you have a flat roof, sloping roof, corrugated concrete, or even a roof of steel sheets, rubber roof coating, or MAP or RSM as the two systems are also known, will weatherproof it for many years to come.  And, for once, size doesn’t matter either!  From a domestic extension to a warehouse or industrial unit, this rubber system membrane will be perfect for the job.

One of the main benefits of the systems is that the rubber roof coating can be applied over the current roofing material.  This cuts down drastically on disturbance, dirt, materials to be cleared from site and labour costs.  It also means that should asbestos be present in the existing roof; it does not have to be disturbed.  This makes it an extremely cost efficient roofing system and environmentally friendly.

The mix of rubber particle and bonding additives is applied by spray, creating a flexible and joint free coating which sticks to the substrate used.  With no joints or leaks, annoying repairs will be a thing of the past.

RSM coating even comes in a choice of four colours, black, grey, green and terracotta and so will enhance the external appearance of any building.

Whole roofs can be covered or small sections – MAP and RSM really are the answer to a whole host of roofing requirements.

For roofs with a pedestrian walkway on them, the rubber roof coating used can be top-coated with Quartz Floor Stone to protect it, or have flooring laid over it simply by adding a geotextile as a separating layer.

And, if your roof is exposed to extreme heat from sunlight, the rubber coating can be protected and insulated with spray cork.


If your premises are in Doncaster and the surrounding areas and you would like more information on either MAP or RSM rubber roof coating systems, then please just get in touch.  We will be very happy to come out and survey your building and advise on the best system for you.

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